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Vengeance Essential Clubsounds Vol 3




Basses More than any other instrument in our arsenal, the Basses really are the backbone of our sound. We pride ourselves on producing solid and reliable instruments, which are truly the new generation of instruments for today. They are made with thick, heavy steel and offer your ultimate comfort, making them the perfect companion for your next gig or practice. The body consists of three layers of wood that work together with each other in a way that allows the bass to be in tune, comfortable and have a sound it was always meant to have. It is made with tuners, a key, chrome finish and has S-shaped wood braces, to be as sturdy as possible. The head offers countless possibilities and a lot of adjustability, making the bass incredibly easy to adjust and has a very soft sound, which is the hallmark of a quality instrument. Its resonance is high, making it possible to play all the way into the speakers. The neck offers a wide range of techniques and is made of wood and metal, as with all our instruments. It is adjustable, with a wide range of tuners and has a deep, comfortable sound. It comes with fixed frets for standard use and an adjustable fretboard for more freedom of play. The body is made of two layers of basswood and is covered with Sapele wood. The soundboard is made of maple and has attached dots of bone, which produces a clear and open sound. The saddle is made of Sapele wood, which means your strings won’t get affected by the humidity in the air. On the side of the head are three oversized single coil pickups. The bridge consists of a tremolo system that is adjustable. Our VB line offers a lot of customization options, such as graphite or fretboard treatments, colors and finishes.Apple is designing its own chips that will make them even more powerful, according to a report. Business Insider reported that Apple has started working on designing its own custom chips to boost performance and speed up the speed of its products, particularly its iPhone and iPad. The company is not the only one designing its own chips, however. Samsung and Intel are also developing their own custom chips, according to the report. Apple has reportedly been developing chips since its early days in the 1980s. Apple's latest products rely heavily on chips. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Apple is reportedly designing its own custom




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Vengeance Essential Clubsounds Vol 3

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